Get to know us

Greetings, bread lovers! Welcome to Sourdough Savvy, your ultimate guide and companion on your journey into the world of traditional sourdough bread.

At Sourdough Savvy, we're more than just a collective of sourdough enthusiasts. We are your trusted advisor, your learning hub, and your cheerleader as you delve into the timeless art of sourdough baking.

Our Story

Sourdough Savvy was crafted from a desire to share the magic of sourdough with the world. Recognizing the joy and satisfaction that comes from nurturing a bubbly starter, shaping a perfect loaf, and delighting in the fruits of our labor, we felt compelled to create a space where this joy could be shared and spread.

Our vision

We're here to demystify the sourdough process, break it down into bite-sized pieces, and make it accessible for everyone. We want to inspire you to embrace the rhythm of sourdough baking, to appreciate the beauty of slow fermentation, and to develop a deeper connection with the food you eat.